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Your senses will be filled with the sights, sounds and aromas of our serene environment. The Raintree Spa creates a place of retreat; a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. Our massages, body or facial treatment and Spa Combination and Package aim to release stress and tension. Using these health and beauty secrets we help bring the body back into peaceful balance.


Royal Thai Massage 60 mins/ 600.-Batht
Royal Thai massage is a Thai arts of healing, using deep issue, pressure point and stretching techniques to reduce stress and relieve muscle soreness.

Aromatic Oil Massage 60 mins/ 1000.-Batht
A relaxation massage combines the healing touch of massage and the properties of essential oil to release your tension and improve blood circulation.

Swedish Oil Massage 60 mins/ 1000.-Batht
The therapist generally uses massage oil to facilitate making long, smooth strokes over the body. It uses a firm but gentle pressure to improve the circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility and creates relaxation.

Herbal Hot Compress Massage 60 mins/ 1200.- Baht
The warm herbal compresses are made up of Thai herbs renowned for their invigorating, purifying, tension relieving and capacity to improve respiration and soothe general aches and pains.

Honey- Orange Massage 60 mins/ 1100.- Baht
A whole body massages natural honey and fresh orange juice to promote the new cell growth and review the skin

Milky Cream Massage  60 mins/ 1200.- Baht
Moisturizing and smooth your skin with this nourishing creamy massages that easily absorbed.

Back & Shoulder Massage 60 mins/ 700.- Baht
Specific on the muscles of back, shoulder and the head massage to release the tension.

Foot & Hand Reflexology Massage  60 mins/ 700.- Baht
A massage with compression on reflexive zones of feet and hands to stimulate and improve blood circulation

Body Treatment
Including    : Milk Serum Mask
  : Soft massage with moisturizer

Thai Secret Body Scrub 1400.-
Thai ancient recipe of body treatment contains tropical herb, tamarind and jasmines rice.

Honey Sesame Body Scrub 1400.-
Perfect blend of natural honey and roasted sesame seeds gives you an exclusive touch of glowing skin.

Tamarind Salt Scrub  1400.-
It is the most effective way to remove dead cell, deeply clean and soften rough skin.

Coffee Firming Scrub 1400.-
Blend of grounded coffee and cinnamon is the best for firming effect and also for stimulating and energizing.

Fruit Salad Body Scrub  1400.-
A mix of tropical fruits like mango, pineapple and papaya gives you a very refreshing fruity feel skin.

Banana Oatmeal Body Mask 1400.-
Fresh banana, oatmeal and honey give nutritious moisturizer to you dry skin.

Aloe- Cucumber Body Wrap 1400.-
As skin healer, fresh aloe and cucumber will cool down sun brunt and sensitive skin.

Yogurt Fruit Salad Body Mask 1400.-
Blend of fresh mix fruit and natural yogurt is best for revitalize dry and dull skin.

Facial Treatment

Honey – Cucumber Facial Treatment 1100.-
This ancient secret treatment will heal, soften and moisturize your skin and also promote new cell growth.

Aromatherapy Facial Massage  1100.-
A healing touch of massage and therapeutic properties of essential oils stimulate blood circulation leave your skin smooth and radiant.

Aloe Vera Facial Treatment 1100.-
Relax your mind and let the nourishing creamy massage clarify your skin then mask with banana and honey.

Spa Combination
( 90 Minutes Massage)

Foot First.  1200.-
  • Floral Footbath
  • Foot& Hand Reflexology Massage
  • Back & Head Massage

Golfer Treatment 1600.-
  • Floral Footbath
  • Foot & Leg Massage with Mint Oil
  • Lower Back Massage
  • Back & Shoulder Massage with Herbal Hot Compress

Spa Package
(2:00 hrs. Spa Package)
Enjoy our 2:30 hrs. Package with herbal steam and floral footbath

Tropical Fruit Treatment 2400.-
  • Fruit Salad Body Scrub
  • Milk Serum Mask
  • Sweet Orange Aromatic Oil Massage
Perfect blend of various tropical fruit like mango, papaya and pineapple will remove your dead cell skin while aromatic oil massage of orange refresh your mind and revive your skin.

Firming Treatment 2400.-
  • Coffee Firming Body Scrub
  • Milk Serum Mask
  • Firming Massage
Start with coffee scrub that contains “ Caffeine “ to firm and energies the skin then followed by a whole body firming massage with oils of grapefruit and peppermint to stimulate blood circulation.

The Raintree‘s Secret 2500.-
  • The Raintree ‘s secret Scrub
  • Milk Serum Mask
  • Soft Massage with Moisturizer
  • Honey-Cucumber Facial Mask
This is the secret for beautiful skin, scrub your skin with our secret recipe of bergamot and olive to soft and smooth skin then pamper your with effective honey – cucumber facial mask.

Love My Body 2600.-
  • Fruit Salad Body Scrub
  • Milk Serum Mask
  • Milky Cream Massage
This is designed for you to select your own body treatment to get the most suitable and effective for your own.

Love My Face 2300.-
  • Milky Cream Body Massage
  • Honey- Cucumber Facial Massage Treatment

Relaxing Treatment 2200.-
  • Aromatic Oil Massage
  • Herbal Hot Compress Treatment

Spa Package (3:00 hrs. Spa Package)
Enjoy our 3 : 30 hrs packages with    : Private Jacuzzi ( Hydrotherapy )
  : Herbal steam
  : Floral footbath 

The Perfect Skin  3800.-
  • Fruit Salad Body Scrub
  • Yogurt Splash
  • The Perfect Skin Massage
  • Aromatherapy Facial Treatment
This is designed to make your skin so perfectly beautiful with the effective fresh coconut scrub follow by moisturizing massage of jasmine oil and pandan cream, the Aromatherapy Facial Treatment will make you totally healthy and glowing.

Taste of Heaven 2900.-
  • Relaxing Aromatic Oil Massage
  • Aromatherapy Facial Treatment
  • Foot & Hand Reflexology Massage
This package combines the healing touch of massage and the benefits of essential oils that pamper you top to toe to your utmost relaxation

Reception Raintree Spa Phuket

Reception Raintree Spa Phuket

Reception Raintree Spa Phuket

Reception Raintree Spa Phuket

Reception Raintree Spa Phuket

Reception Raintree Spa Phuket

Reception Raintree Spa Phuket



















































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